We’re currently in August and the weather is not summer friendly. C’mon England. Where art thou summer? Every British born person knows to always carry a jacket or at least an umbrella. In England the weather is so unpredictable.

This dress from ASOS was a bargain at £12!! Love the shoulder cut out detail! Also the length is perfect for me and my 5ft4 self! Sadly after this post you will not be  seeing this coat from New Look as it has now gone to live with the coat fairies..R.I.C(rest in coat land) lol.







So June was a good month for me..well mostly! We had some great weather hitting early 30’s yay! Celebrated my birthday in the amazing Paris, France! I had a blast (will do a post on my birthday soon) and have been pretty consistent with my uploads on my YouTube channel(



If you live here in Britain you know once the sun comes out you have to make the most of it, as one day it’ll be sunning it up, then the next rain’s your auntie. Now when it comes to dressing in this weather, its can be hard to know what to wear, will the weather let me down? Will it not? This outfit is one of those things. Wearing this body from new look paired with these cute unsual trousers from ASOS I can keep cool but I’m also on point to be wind and rain ready with this boyfriend coat from New look alongside my Adidas Gazelles.



As I crouch down cheekily to be with the flowers that God so creatively put in this world. You can see that these are not the usual trouser style. they are ribbed, so they have that more casual, everyday trouser ‘pop to the shopping centre, or grab a bite to eat’ type feel. Its really comfortable to wear and I love that they’re unique looking. I feel cheeky in these. I’m weird haha but yeahhh I’ve just had a look on ASOS and they have gone completely from the site.. probably as they’re a trend piece but there are others so grab a pair when you can. These were about £11-£15 if I remember correctly. (Got them a few months ago)

I’d like to say thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day whenever you are checking this out.

P.S. I love everything that a flower is, the different shapes, colours but I definitely do not like the bees and wasps it brings.. though they gotta eat. ugh!

Peace, love and chicken xxLoveShar’Ox

Body-New Look(Christmas 2015)

       Trousers- ASOS //Similar-

Coat- New Look(Christmas 2016)

Shoes- Adidas //



Hi Guys, Happy New Year, we’re almost 2 weeks into the 2017 and I’m feeling good! I had a rough first 13 days but now I’m getting in the swing of things, and I feel good. God is good and I know He has great things in store for us. Keep the faith, keep positive and lets move forward together in Jesus name.

Photo 04-12-2016, 20 31 26 (1).jpg


I’m getting used to this picture taking life its so fun, but I must I’m a shy poster.. I don’t like to feel like I’m bombarding my social media feeds with me.. I like to keep by the sidelines BUT if I want this to all work out, I MUST keep on top of my social media game and not be shy. 2017 the year of BOLDNESS, CONTENTMENT, PEACE, MIRACLES AND MORE LOVE! +more 🙂

Photo 04-12-2016, 19 16 57 (1).jpg

P.S. Loving these Ebay glasses. Unique and cute looking. Very Retro.

What are you believing God for 2017? Leave a comment, Let me know 🙂

Bye for now oxoxo








I LOVE this jumper!! I have been wearing this jumper NON-STOP since I bought it! Its thick, it’s knit, it’s comfortable and most fashionably, its BARDOT! I know Bardot has been in season ALOT recently and I am all the way here for it! I’ve loved a good off the shoulder top for as long as I could remember. I’m not one to show off the goodies on my chest, but my shoulders? YES girl! In my YouTube videos ( I’m always doing something with my shoulders (I like to dance lol) I can’t help myself. Get you a Bardot!

Quick confession: I saw Samantha Maria talking about this in one of her videos and I just HAD to get it! It’s from ASOS. I also recently got this in cream too, I could show you if you want? 🙂 I admit, I have gotten a few pieces because my favourite blogger/YouTuber has got it (when a girl wants something, a girl wants something) haha

I paired this jumper with my good Joni Jeans from Topshop. High-waisted that is with these amazing boots from Primark! I’ll go more into details about them in another post.

P.S. my lovely friend ( who is also a blogger took these amazing shots of me. I love the background!

Thank you for reading, hope you have a lovely week

Peace, love and chicken x

Hello, welcome welcome, hey hi 🙂

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved writing. English was one of my favourite subjects at school. I’d write anything but I did love writing stories most! Growing up I was always a horder of notebooks (still am a little, I must confess) and stationery. I also loved reading books and magazines. I loved and still love creating. Mid teens I started a blog on blogger, where I’d share my faith and poems that I’d written. I love writing poems too. It’s a great way for me to express myself. Writing, I thank God for writing.

So with my whole love for writing, I developed a love for style, not necessarily clothes. Right so let me explain. I am a believer of working with what you got, now don’t get me wrong, I do like to buy clothes here and there (who doesn’t?) I’d always love putting pieces together. When I was younger it was all about colour coordinating. Now as I am a little older I love basics, minimal pieces and adding lets say a bold lip or and a key accessory to my outfit. I don’t call myself a minimalist, it’s not something I planned, it just happened. I just know the way I dress is very minimal, so in essence you could say my style is very minimal. I love the blacks, whites, greys, with the odd different shades of browns, blush pinks and burgundy/wine colour. I dress basic with a twist (KASH TWIST) maybe I should get that trade marked. LOL. I do try not to put too much thinking into an outfit though.

So for you reading this, Thank you!!

Despite fear, I’m here and I’m glad I’m here! I felt the fear but did it anyway! 😀

My blog will be a mixture of faith and fashion-faith and style based. Hopefully you’ll get to know the person I am as I share my faith, my life experiences and style with you all. I also have a YouTube page where I too share my faith, my life experiences, my style and lifestyle bit and bobs, so check it out too 🙂

Blogger Inspiration: Esther- ; she has an amazing blog, her style is amazing (quite similar to mine) she’s a sweet girl, so check her blog out.

Until next time oxoxo, peace, Love-Kashara