This week leading up to Christmas have been so stressful for me. I work a admin job within a school and the stress has been so much for me! I’m being left right and centre by all sorts of people and I don’t know how I am handling it. I’ve found myself becoming short. & I can’t seem to fake it with a smile.

Dealing with your own problems personally and then dealing with problems and the heavy workload at work can seem so overwhelming at times. In the past I’ve quit, I ran away, I didn’t stick it out but now as I am maturing I’ve realised that you can’t just run away at the first sign or maybe not the first time but a few signs of trouble. Scream, cry, dance if you have too but don’t give up!

As I am writing this, I am too going through this heavy load but we have to remember that Christ, Jesus He will carry our yolk as His burden is light. ) Matthew 11:28-30 )Praise God! He is our strength, He is our peace and as ‘self independent humans per say, we have to learn to GIVE IT TO HIM. He cares. He really does. (1st Peter 5:7) I am someone that suffers with worry and anxiety but He honestly truly cares. We don’t have to carry the burden ourselves.

P.S. It is totally okay to feel rubbish emotions, what I need to realise is that its not okay to carry them around with me day to day. At the end of the day, lets try to release and let go and let God, let Him take control. Amen?

How do you deal with your day to day worries and work loads? Let me know.

Until next time, peace and love oxoxo


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  1. Chantelle March 8, 2017 / 8:51 pm

    Fantastic shots! Great blog!

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